Peer Advisory Group Program

Organization & Structure

All Peer Advisory Groups will consist of 4-7 members per group that are grouped together by geography and primary industry focus.  Members will come together six times per year for two hours in a virtual setting and four times throughout the year for a one day in-person meeting.  The in-person meetings will be conducted at member sites with the mornings consisting of tours and best practices presentations and discussions in the afternoons.  All meetings will be organized and facilitated by a ProFab Alliance Member Success Manager.  Their primary role is to gather discussion topics, organize events and ensure follow up on all action items. 


  • Exchanging knowledge, insights, and  best practices with other industry leaders
  • Discuss challenges and seek advice to issues that others might have already experienced
  • Enhance visibility and gain industry insight
  • Collaborative environment, which can lead to potential partnerships and opportunities
  • Annual benchmarking data
  • First access to shared purchasing benefits
  • Territory protection


Peer Advisory Group Plans can either be set up on a quarterly basis at $1,250 per quarter or and annual basis at $4,500 per year.