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to define a guide for your company's success.

Strategic Planning serves as the road map and directions for a business.  It helps companies stay on track towards a commonly shared goal and purpose.  Without a properly developed strategy, most companies will remain stagnant and eventually cease to exist.  Through the ProFab Alliance, members will take a deep dive into their organization to understand where they have been, where they are going, and how they are going to get there in the most efficient manner possible through access to exclusive toolkits and one on one support.

Strategic Planning


The Vision Statement is the ultimate goal of the company. It is established to be aspirational and might not ever be achieved. Strategic Goals serve as the tangible checkpoints along the way to reaching your vision. These objectives can and should vary in length (3 Years, 5 Years, 10 Years, 50 Years).

Vision, Mission,
& Values

An organization’s Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values are the foundation for everything to be built upon. The Vision serves as the “North Star” and establishes a clear guide for the future. The Mission is the how. It is the road map that will guide you to achieve your Vision. The Core Values provide motivation and exist to help us navigate through difficult times and important decisions.

Operating Plan

Now that you have established your Strategic Goals, we must focus on the upcoming year. The Annual Operating Plan serves as your playbook for the next year. It will focus on all of the areas that have an opportunity for growth, as well as the areas that might require risk mitigation.


An organization’s Core Focus is not a goal, strategy, intention or plan to be the best. It is about identifying and understanding what you can be the best at. This identification is critical to an organization and its strategic planning. Very few companies take the time to identify what they can not only be the best at, but also not be the best at.

Management Systems

These help organizations ensure that tasks and objectives are being completed in a routine and timely manner. These systems follow a simple “stoplight” system that gives managers a quick visual summary of each function.


Your coach known as a “Member Success Manager” will be involved in your journey from day one. They will get to know your team and your business. Their industry experience will provide you with coaching, direction, and accountability towards your plan. They will also serve as the liaison to pull in other specific areas of expertise as needed.

Succession Planning

If you are considering a third party transaction of your business in the future or an internal succession plan, we have experience and are here to help. We can provide you with guidance, structures, and connect you with the necessary resources in each aspect of your transition.
Strategic Planning is the first step
in the ProFab Alliance Process. The first year as an Alliance Member, Strategic Planning is broken up into multiple events and meetings, starting with a Core Value Survey, an on-site meeting at the Progressive Fabricator Headquarters, and a two day planning event that takes place off-site but near the Alliance Member’s operations. This annual event lays the groundwork and roadmap for the upcoming year’s Annual Operating Plan. Each Alliance Member will have quarterly virtual meetings with their Member Success Manager to ensure completion and success.

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This sample of our strategic planning and executive coaching toolkit will walk you through how to create a unique company vision and the importance of establishing the vision.

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Download Our Strategic Planning & Executive Coaching Sample Kit