Alliance Member Consulting Program

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Our focus is on the metal services industry. We help metal fabrication and machine shop owners grow their business, maximize profits, and live a more balanced life. Our team is composed of industry trained leaders that have the knowledge and expertise to do just that. They are dedicated to providing organizations with Strategic Planning and Coaching, Fractional Leadership & Shared Services, Fabrication Specific Management Tools and Resources, and Alliance Community Benefits.

Step 1. Discovery

The Discovery Phase is designed to ensure that ProFab Alliance is a good fit, as well as understand the level of which we can help the member. Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with members that are valued by all parties. This portion of the process begins with one or more conversations via phone or virtual meet to explain the Alliance and is followed up with an in-depth Membership Assessment to help gauge interest and eligibility. This phase is concluded with an in-person meeting to discuss the details and finalize the Membership Commitment, as well as establish the timeline for the next steps.

Member Assessment

Receive our tools & resources to help you decide if the Progressive Fabricator Alliance can meet your company's needs.

Member Commitment

Make the decision to join the Progressive Fabricator Alliance and allow us to help with your company's growth journey.

Initial Evaluation

We will collect the Core Value Survey once completed and calculate the results to help develop our next steps.

Step 2. Strategic Pre-Planning

Congratulations! You are now on your way to growing your business, maximizing profits, and living a more balanced life. As a new Alliance Member, you might feel overwhelmed with what to do next, but rest assured that you will have the one-on-one assistance and support from your Success Manager. Your membership will begin with a simple survey that is administered to all team members that helps establish or confirm the values that are core to your organization. This will be a key building block to all high level strategic planning. Once all data has been evaluated, we invite all new Alliance Members to the Progressive Fabricator Alliance Headquarters. During this visit you will work with your Success Manager on the Strategic Pre-Planning, tour the Nix Industrial Facilities (Fifth Generation Family Owned Metal Fabricator), and have one-on-one interviews.

Step 3. Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Phase will be conducted off-site, but in close proximity to your organization. This will be a two day event, led by ProFab Alliance with you and your leadership team. During this event, we will conduct several exercises to build out your Long-Term Strategic Plan and your Annual Operating Plan. These will serve as the roadmap for implementation over the next year, as we will choose the areas most in need of improvement.

Step 4. Implementation

The implementation is dependent on the initial Annual Operating Plan and no two Alliance Members will be the same. Some Alliance Members may spend the entire year focusing on improving an area of their business, while others might implement parts of each. Since each organization is at a different place in their growth journey, ProFab Alliance tailors the approach based on the situation and individual needs.

Executive Coaching

Annual Operating Plan Visuals

Closed-Loop Management Systems

Fractional Management & Support Services

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