Develop your Fabrication Specific Management Systems

to create a foundation of support for your team to rely on.

Five generations over 120 years, Nix Industrial has been serving its customers with metal fabrication, machining, and coatings services. Through the years of significant growth and expansions, Nix Industrial has developed Management Systems that are used everyday and implemented through each new acquisition. These Management Tools & Resources serve as the foundation of the ProFab Alliance. These standardized and semi-customizable processes, systems, and forms can be easily replicated to serve new members within Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, and Operations Excellence.

Management Tools & Resources for your growing operations

Accounting & Finance

Accounts Receivables & Payables, Payroll, Sales Tax, Profit and Loss Statements, Aging Reports, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, and Budgeting is a lot to understand. Even if you hire someone else to process some or all of these services for you, having a solid foundation in financial and accounting management is critical to the success of any organization. In the simplest form, it can give you a clear understanding of how you are doing and assist you in making sound business decisions.

Download Our Accounting & Finance Sample Kit

Full Management System Includes:

Finance & Accounting Fundamentals for fabricators
Budgeting & Financial Planning
Key Performance Metrics for fabricators
Book Close Process
Financial Controls

Human Resources

From hiring the right employees to training them to reach their fullest potential, Human Resources is one of the most time consuming components for owners of any fabrication or machining company. Human Resources can be the tool that separates businesses from the rest. If you hire the right people, onboard them to your systems and culture, and develop effective communication for feedback, the operational efficiencies and maximized profits will follow. Through the ProFab Alliance, members will gain access to exclusive management systems developed from years of relevant industry success and one on one support from Human Resources professionals.

Download Our Human Resources Sample Kit

Full Management System Includes:

Roles, Responsibilities, & Expectations
Hiring & Onboarding
Training & Development
Employee Performance
Compliance & Administration

Sales & Marketing

Marketing is not just about creating fancy brochures or websites. All of this matters, but marketing is simply what attracts and connects you with your customers. Understanding who you are as a company and why you exist are primary examples of messages that a fabricator and machine shop need to convey to their customers and prospects. If done correctly an organization’s brand and marketing can increase awareness, trust, and credibility within a defined target customer base. By doing this, you can spend more time and energy on customers and projects that will deliver success.

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Full Management System Includes:

Branding & Strategy
Messaging & Content
Sales Systems & Processes
Video & Digital Marketing
Website & Social Media

Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence refers to the execution of an organization’s vision, mission and strategy in a safe, consistent, and reliable manner. Within the fabrication and machining industries, safety, quality, and efficiency are extremely important. You cannot sacrifice one without affecting the others; they are all important components to an organization’s future success. Therefore, all must be developed together to minimize the risk and increase results.

Download Our Operations Excellence Sample Kit

Full Management System Includes:

Key Performance Indicators
Closed-Loop Management Systems
Safety, Quality & Continuous Improvement
Estimation Systems
Job Costings & Job Closeouts
Download Our Finance & Accounting Sample Kit
Download Our Human Resources Sample Kit
Download Our Sales & Marketing Sample Kit
Download Our Operations Excellence Sample Kit