9 Part Limited Series

Tune in with Matthew Nix, the 5th Generation owner of NIX, as he unfolds the journey of growing a century-old business a hundredfold in just two decades. Join us for this exclusive nine-part series where Matthew shares insights into the growth of their legacy business Nix Industrial, navigating challenges, building the right team, intentional scalability, financial preparation for down turns, creating value with the business and more.

100x Business Growth in 20 Years
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The series kicks off by delving into the history of Nix Companies, tracing its humble beginnings and laying the foundation for the growth that followed.

expanding from mom & pop shop
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Transitioning a business from a small mom and pop shop to the next level is anything but simple. Join us in this podcast episode as Matthew walks us through the steps he took to drive business change and expand Nix Industrial capabilities, ultimately setting the stage for substantial business growth.

risk & reward for Business growth
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Matthew delves into a critical phase of business evolution—sustaining momentum as growth initiatives gain traction or demand surges. Navigating the challenge of consistently ‘feeding the fire’ becomes a major obstacle.

building the right team
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While assembling a team presents its own set of challenges, the real difficulty lies in assembling the right team. In this discussion, Matthew explores the crucial decision-making moments Nix Industrial had of when to expand the team and the associated risks.

operationalizing business core values
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Matthew discusses the challenge of translating business vision, mission, and core values from mere statements to daily lived experiences. Matthew sheds light on how Nix Industrial tackled this challenge by operationalizing their core values.

Navigating Business Growth Challenges
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Embarking on the early stages of business growth is no smooth sail. In this episode, Matthew opens up about the financial challenges that Nix Industrial encountered in its early stages of growth and offers valuable insights on preparing for such obstacles.

Intentional Scalability with Strategic Planning
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Unraveling the critical role of strategic planning in the business growth journey, Matthew dives into key components of intentional scalability. He shares the initial process Nix Industrial underwent to develop its strategic plan, exploring how it has evolved over the years into its current, refined planning structure.

Prepared for Anything: Navigating 2020
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Anticipating and adapting to shifts in business growth is significant. In this episode, Matthew sheds light on the unprecedented challenges companies faced in 2020. Listen to Nix Industrial’s unique perspective on navigating the COVID pandemic, exploring its impact not only on operations and financials but also on company culture.

Moving From Success to Significance
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As you achieve targeted goals and propel your business to new heights, the inevitable question emerges: What comes next? In this concluding episode, Matthew speaks about moving from success to significance. Discover how Nix Industrial has taken all the lessons learned through their growth journey and shifted to a mindset of value creation.

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