Life Of A Craftsman

In this Award-Winning collaboration with Captivated Content and Nix Industrial, we embarked on a journey to narrate the tales of four craftsmen. Our focus honed in on the aspirations they’ve realized through their skilled craftsmanship. From dawn till dusk, this exclusive short series shadows these individuals throughout their daily routines, offering a glimpse into the possibilities within the trades.

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Ep. 1 | Waiting on a Chance

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“The work that we do is very important, because we’re literally building America one piece at a time.”

Derek Greene, fabricator for Nix Structural team in Rockport, IN, shows us what life is like working in the trades through his eyes. Growing up, Derek thought he had to go to college to have the life he wanted. Watch now to hear how his mind has changed. With Derek’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn, his chance on the trades has become a fulfilling career with a prosperous future.

Ep. 2 | Work it Forward

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“Grandpa always said if you want nice stuff in life, you’re going to have to work for it.”

Jason Offerman, Coatings Foreman for Nix Industrial in Poseyville, IN, has been a key asset to the Field Coatings team for over 10 years now, exemplifying how a strong work ethic can bring rewarding results and a career to be proud of.

Ep. 3 | Learning Everyday with Humility and Hard Work

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“It never seemed like work to me, I always just enjoyed the next problem and getting it solved.”

Casey McMillian, Mobile Service Foreman for Nix Industrial in Poseyville, IN, shares his thoughts on how to continue learning, improving, and growing everyday by staying focused and staying humble. Being a problem solver with Nix Industrial for 8+ years now, Casey is a prime example of how hard work reflects.

Ep. 4 | From Craftsman to Leader

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“I think of what we do as artistry. Creating and sculpting something out of a raw chunk of metal is an art form all of its own.”

Frank Rye, Operations Manager, has been with Northend Gear & Machine, in Cincinnati, OH, for years and now, focuses on sharing his experience and knowledge with the craft to help build team member’s skills. His passion for his work and the trades does not go unnoticed.

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